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Publishing Datasets

You can publish your dataset to the public with ABCI Cloud Storage.

Please read through ABCI Agreement/Rules and ABCI Cloud Storage Terms of Use again and check if it is appropriate to publish the dataset. The publishing procedure is as follows.

1. Public Access Setting

Upload your data to ABCI Cloud Storage and set public access to them, referencing Access Control (1).

The following example creates example-dataset bucket, uploads files in sensor1 directory and grants public read access to them.

[username@es1 ~]$ module load aws-cli
[username@es1 ~]$ aws --endpoint-url s3 mb s3://example-dataset
[username@es1 ~]$ aws --endpoint-url s3api put-bucket-acl --acl public-read --bucket example-dataset
[username@es1 ~]$ aws --endpoint-url s3 cp --acl public-read --recursive sensor1 s3://example-dataset/sensor1
upload: sensor1/0003.dat to s3://example-dataset/sensor1/0003.dat
upload: sensor1/0001.dat to s3://example-dataset/sensor1/0001.dat
upload: sensor1/0002.dat to s3://example-dataset/sensor1/0002.dat

Since --acl public-read option enables public read access, the data can be accessed with URLs such as "" by anyone from the outside of ABCI.

2. Registration Application

Please register your published dataset to the ABCI Datasets by following this procedure.