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ABCI User Support accepts the following inquiries and reports (weekdays 9:00-17:00):

  • Inquiries regarding usage procedures
    • How to log in
    • How to submit a batch job
    • How to transfer data
    • etc.
  • Inquiries regarding the software environment
    • How to use the software installed on ABCI
    • How to install typical software/framework
    • etc.
  • Hardware errors
  • Software problems
    • Problems with using the software installed on ABCI
    • Problems with the batch job scheduler
    • Problems with the ABCI Cloud Storage
    • etc.
  • Network problems
  • Inquiries about this User Guide

When you make an inquiry and a report, send an e-mail to with the following information:

[Full Name]: 
[ABCI Account Name]: 
[ABCI Group Name]: 
[Registered e-mail address]: 
[Inquiry]: Please include information such as:
             - the problem symptom
             - when it happened (date and time)
             - job ID
             - command history including command line options
             - output of the terminal
             - etc.


You can apply to use ABCI via the ABCI portal. Please see ABCI Portal Guide. If you have questions related to application for ABCI use, group management, usage fees, or transferring a large amount of data, please contact


If you have any questions regarding security, please contact You can also find security documentations including ABCI security whitepaper at


To find the job ID, see How can I find the job ID.